Maison TFK 
is a lifestyle lingerie and homewear concept with cuddly clothing for adults.

A brand which makes quality timeless pieces you can wear anywhere (apart from the lingerie pieces because that would make you creepy).

We make cuddly clothing for adults, comfortable pieces designed to be a pleasure to wear, made of soft textile fibers, with a nice cut, because above everything else we want you to feel comfortable in our clothes !

The brand exists since 2014, but we recently reshaped it with a completely new product line, a bigger homewear collection with pyjaysbathrobes and the Doodoo, an essential of our product line.

Our Studio (you will see it mentioned here and there in our website under "Studio TFK") works jointly with our customers to design the patterns and prints which inspires you most, thanks to your participation in our polls and chats on social media, and the online and real-life surveys.

Our creations are thus inspired by our lifestyle, your preferences, and Nature.

Our model consists of tailoring on demand, and with limited quantities. That means we make precisely the number of items our customers ordered in the shop. But also, that we limit the production of each collection, to leave room for the next one.

In addition, we release new pieces based on your needs and desires, not at all based on seasons. So we solicit your views quite regularly through our newsletter and social media, to be in sync with for your preferences and selections.

We work, most of the time, through pre-ordering : you order, we launch the confection process and you get your natural fiber piece. This process implies a slight delay in the receipt of our products, but you will of course be notified.

Our confection process is ethical and local :

we design all our pieces in our Parisian Studio.

we cut, tailor and fabric in our Parisian ateliers (still!).

we buy everything we need from French suppliers. For instance, the gums we use for our boxers and panties come from our long-time partner Manutex, who's factory is based in Basque country, South-Western France.

we realize the prints and embroideries in Paris area, as close as possible to the place your lingerie and clothes are tailored.

To make a long story short, our products are 100% French fabrics and are entirely made in France. This fabrication takes place as close as possible to the place we are based in. Plus, as we work only with French workshops, we respect the working ethics and salary equality as they are defined under French law.

We choose the textile fibre on three criteria :

the quality, working with serious labelled suppliers who have a traditional know-how and shares our values, like the French Manufacture of Textile based in Northern France.

the softness. Since the beginning, our designer couldn't stand any "harsh clothing", of any kind (who would, right ?), so we wanted to prove that it is completely possible to make clothes both comfortable AND soft-touch.

That's why we foster fibers like bamboo, linen, organic cotton instead of hemp and jute, which are seriously eco-friendly, but not that comfy if it comes to tangas or panties (it's unthinkable!).

- and the fibers properties. Our textiles are all made of natural fibers, eco-friendly (the Oeko-Tex certifies sanitary and ecological quality of our products), and hypoallergenic, which means that they are perfectly adapted to sensitive skins and are tailored for your intimate areas

Each one of our product are made of natural fibers, are soft-touch, respect the Earth and your skin, but also your style, come on !